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Longhorn Football 2013 – Schedule


With only a few months until the season starts the schedule is semi-up for the coming UT Football season 2013. It’s about time to start preparing for the new year in Longhorn Football so I’ve set up a chart just for the fans!

So here it is, the UT Football Schedule in 2013!

UT Football Schedule
Date Opponent Location
August 31st New Mexico State Home
September 7th BYU Away
September 14th Mississippi Home
September 21st Kansas State Home
October 3rd Iowa State Away
October 12th Oklahoma Dallas
October 26th Texas Christian University Away
November 2nd Kansas Home
November 9th West Virginia Away
November 16th Oklahoma State Home
November 28th Texas Tech Home
December 7th Baylor University Away

There’s not a lot of time left to prepare so get your tickets, claim your seats and prepare for total domination as the UT Football team leads the way to victory in 2013!

While you’re preparing for the new season don’t forget to buy some fan merchandise to show your support for Longhorn Football!



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