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Longhorn Football 2013 – Schedule

With only a few months until the season starts the schedule is semi-up for the coming UT Football season 2013. It’s about time to start preparing for the new year in Longhorn Football so I’ve set up a chart just for the fans!

So here it is, the UT Football Schedule in 2013!

UT Football Schedule
Date Opponent Location
August 31st New Mexico State Home
September 7th BYU Away
September 14th Mississippi Home
September 21st Kansas State Home
October 3rd Iowa State Away
October 12th Oklahoma Dallas
October 26th Texas Christian University Away
November 2nd Kansas Home
November 9th West Virginia Away
November 16th Oklahoma State Home
November 28th Texas Tech Home
December 7th Baylor University Away

There’s not a lot of time left to prepare so get your tickets, claim your seats and prepare for total domination as the UT Football team leads the way to victory in 2013!

While you’re preparing for the new season don’t forget to buy some fan merchandise to show your support for Longhorn Football!




5 New Starters for 2013

The longhorns may be one of the more experienced team going into this season but that’s not to discredit any of the new emerging players. The list of new starters for the 2013 football season is short this year but I guarantee each player will make someone of a difference this year.

Cedric Reed – Junior Defensive End

The momentum from the win at the Alamo Bowl carried into the spring, summer and fall, and it has given Reed a slot ahead of senior Reggie Wilson as the projected starter opposite to Jackson Jeffcoat.

Reed is a 6’6″, 260-pound end and is about as good as you can make them.

Desmond Harrison – Offensive Tackle

The 6’8″, 310-pound offensive tackle practiced only once with the team before figuring out about the issue with his transcript. Harrison was able to gear up on Tuesday and will have to go through two more practices before he is allowed to join the team in full capacity.

Geoff Swaim

Geoff Swaim was well-regarded for his solid blocking and has proven his worth as a pass-catcher so far in camp. Geoff will be a player to watch.

Mykkele Thompson

Thompson played quarterback, wide receiver and running back in high school and still has yet to make a big leap as a legitimate safety. But with great athleticism and the right mental approach, he could be the catalyst needed for a breakout season.

Kendall Sanders

Sanders caught just two passes for 15 yards last season. Many expect Sanders to become a big part of the offense in 2013.


Texas Longhorns Football Roster 2013

The 2013 Texas Longhorns Football Roster is finally up here at UTFootballNews.com and I have to say it looks like an interesting year for UT Football. The Longhorns 2013 line-up looks intense and it’s safe to say we’re guaranteed to see a killer year this year for the University of Texas Football team.

Texas Longhorns Football Roster
Name Number Position Class
Aaron Benson 8 LB Junior
Adrian Colbert 26 DB Freshman
Adrian Phillips 17 S Senior
Alex De La Torre 36 FB Sophomore
Alex Norman 94 DT Freshman
Anthony Fera 9 PK/P Senior
Ashton Dorsey 85 DT Senior
Ben Pruitt 31 PK Sophomore
Brandon Allen 40 DB Freshman
Bryant Jackson 16 WR Junior
Bryce Cottrell 52 DE Freshman
Bryson Echols 16 CB Freshman
Cade McCrary 86 H Senior
Caleb Bluiett 42 DE Freshman
Case McCoy 6 QB Senior
Cayleb Jones 4 WR Sophomore
Camrhon Hughes 65 OG Sophomore
Carrington Byndom 23 CB Senior
Cedric Reed 88 DE Junior
Chet Moss 13 FB Junior
Chris Giron 83 WR Junior
Chris Terry 47 DE Senior
Chris Whaley 96 DT Senior
Clark Orren 57 OL Freshman
Connor Brewer 7 QB Freshman
Curtis Riser 62 OG Freshman
Daje Johnson 27 WR/RB Sophomore
Dakota Haines 42 WR Sophomore
Dalton Santos 55 LB Sophomore
David Ash 14 QB Junior
David Thomann 26 WR Freshman
Demarco Cobbs 7 LB Senior
Deoundrei Davis 41 LB Freshman
Desmond Jackson 99 DT Junior
Devin Huffines 32 S Senior
Dillon Boldt 36 DB Freshman
Donald Hawkins 51 OT Senior
Dominic Cruciani 48 FB Junior
Dominic Espinosa 55 C Junior
Drew Russo 56 OL Junior
Duke Thomas 21 CB Sophomore
Dylan Haines 44 DB Freshman
Frank Lopez 58 OL Freshman
Gaston Davis 39 RB Freshman
Garrett Greenlea 76 OT Sophomore
Garrett Porter 73 OG/C Senior
Geoff Swaim 82 TE Junior
Grant Sirgo 33 PK Junior
Greg Daniels 81 TE Junior
Hassan Ridgeway 81 DT Freshman
Holt Perlman 41 LB Freshman
Hunter DeGroot 29 WR Freshman
Jackson Jeffcoat 44 DE Senior
Jake Raulerson 50 OL/DE Freshman
Jalen 3 QB Freshman
Jaxon Shipley 8 WR Junior
Joe Bergeron 24 RB Junior
Johnathan Gray 32 RB Sophomore
John Harris 9 TE/WR Junior
Jordan Hicks 3 LB Junior
Josh Cochran 78 OT Junior
Josh Turner 25 S Junior
Kendall Sanders 2 WR Sophomore
Kendall Thompson 35 LB Junior
Kennedy Estelle 68 OT Sophomore
Kevin Vaccaro 18 S Sophomore
Kyle Ashby 45 DS Sophomore
Lane Fife 82 WR Senior
Leroy Scott 31 CB Junior
Logan Mills 43 DE Sophomore
Malcolm Brown 28 RB Junior
Malcom Brown 90 DT Sophomore
Marcus Hutchins 65 OG Sophomore
Marcus Johnson 80 WR Sophomore
Mason Walters 72 OG Senior
Michael Davidson 35 PK Freshman
Michael Wheeler 25 WR Junior
Michael Zaring 27 WR Freshman
Mike Davis 1 WR Senior
Miles Onyegbule 17 WR Junior
Meyer Criss 38 DB Senior
M.J. McFarland 85 TE Sophomore
Mykkele Thompson 2 S Junior
Nate Boyer 37 DS Junior
Nick Jordan 28 PK Sophomore
Nick Rose 23 PK Sophomore
Paul Boyette Jr. 50 DT Freshman
Peter Jinkens 19 LB Sophomore
Quandre Diggs 6 CB Junior
Reggie Wilson 92 DE Senior
Ryan Roberts 30 CB Sophomore
Sedrick Flowers 66 OG Sophomore
Sharoid Evans 29 CB Junior
Shawn Izadi 45 LB Senior
Shiro Davis 1 DE Sophomore
Steve Edmond 33 LB Junior
Tate Gresham 40 WR Junior
Taylor Doyle 74 OG Sophomore
Tevin Jackson 11 LB Junior
Timothy Cole 24 LB Freshman
Tom Newman 39 DS Junior
Trey Gonzales 48 LB Sophomore
Trey Holtz 15 QB Freshman
Trey Hopkins 75 OG Senior
Tyler Lee 87 WR Freshman
Tyler Marriott 84 WR Freshman
Tyrone Swoopes 18 QB Freshman
Ty Templin 47 WR Freshman
William Russ 14 P/PK Junior

That’s the roster for UT Football 2013! It’s going to be an interesting year for sure and I’m not sure about you but I can’t wait to see how the 2013 UT football season turns out.


UT plays in the 2013 Senior Bowl

Texas Longhorn players Alex Okafor, Marquise Goodwin and Kenny Vaccaro will represent the Longhorns this year in the 2013 Senior Bowl. These players represent the majority of any team playing in the game with the most players coming from one single team in the Division 1 program. The game is set to air at 3 p.m Central on Saturday, January 26th in Mobile’s Ladd-Peebles Stadium so grab a beer and get to your local sports pub in honor of our favorite Texas team!

Okafor led the team in 2012 in sacks, forced fumbles, QB pressures and tackles for loss. He ranks number 7 for sacks on the UT single-season list and is most in one year since 1982. Born and raised in Pflugerville Texas, has been playing for four years now appearing in 52 games (defense). He was dubbed Team Captain in 2012 by his teammates. Okafor was credited with the 2012 Big 12 Defensive Player of the year and the 2012 CFPA Elite Defensive Lineman of the Year. He is a 3 time member of the UT Athletics Director’s Honor Roll.

Marquise Goodwin has played in 50 games and ranks 11th on the Texas career receptions list. He was named MVP on offense in 2012 at the Alamo Bowl. As a freshman he was ranked number 3 on UT’s freshman single-season list. He’s known for his amazing feats in football as well as in track and field where he represented the US in long jump at the 2012 Summer Games in London.

Kenny Vaccaro ended this season with a career high in tackles and was voted 2012 team caption by his teammates at the end of the season. He was raised in Brownwood, Texas and received an honorable mention from Sports Illustrated. He has played 51 career games and was an honorable mention for Defensive player of the Year.

The Senior Bowl showcases the top senior athletes in college football every year and features the nation’s most talented football players and the gives an opening to become the top draft picks next year.

The event will be aired on the 2013 Senior Bowl’s website for more information regarding tickets and general information. Come out and watch as you get the UT Football experience!


Total Domination

No one knew if David Ash would start the Alamo Bowl but everyone will remember after the clutch throw that lead to the final victory of the season.

The young quarterback threw a 36-yard touchdown strike to Marquise Goodwin with only 2:24 left in the game this Saturday night.

“I was just really thankful I got another opportunity to play a game I love.” said Ash when referring to his recent transfer from TCU.

Mack Brown had told his players during halftime that he knew they would win even after being down by 10 points at the time.
“I told them this it wasn’t going to be easy, but I told them this game was ours and we would win it,” Brown said.

Brown announced the suspensions Friday but wouldn’t reveal which players were sent home. He addressed the suspensions during a previously schedule news conference and made a statement referring to the local TV report that aired stating that the police were investigating two unidentified Texas players in a sexual assault at a hotel in San Antonio.
The only information available at this time is that these were two students.
Authorities are still investigating and no charges have been filed.
Brown mentioned he would not address the suspensions any further.

Goodwin’s touchdown catch might have won the game if everything played out. Two enthralling Texas plays in an earlier 83-yard scoring drive gave the Longhorns hope.

The drive after those two plays lead to an amazing victory for the Longhorns and a driving force for victory next season!


Keep Up With the Latest UT Football Gear!

Looking back at last year I found myself always in search for cool looking sportswear so I can support the UT Football team and maintain my appearance at the same time. Football season might be over but it’s never too early to start gearing up for the the new year! Show your Longhorn pride by wearing some of the trending UT sportswear.

I’ve taken it upon myself to do some research and I found a few good deals I’m sure everyone can appreciate! Take a look for yourself! I’ll see you out in the stadium as everyone stares in envy at how great you look!



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